Gemstone Catering is a kosher boutique catering company and sub-division of got cholent? Inc.  Our table is set to break the mold of New York's predictable kosher catering scene.  Our talented team is dedicated to providing individualized and meticulous attention to detail, traditional, global and fusion cuisines and an absolute emphasis on stylish fine dining with personalized service. 

We operate  under the Rabbinic supervision of th STAR-K, a globally recognized Kashrut organization under the auspices of the Vaad Ha'Rabonim of Baltimore.  Our services are Glatt,  Pas Yisroel and Bodek with a Masgiach T'midi on premises. 

                                                       Gemstone Catering   ~   got cholent? Inc                                               
75 Burlews Court
                                                              Hackensack NJ 07601
                                                       t.   917.584.2310                             

Voted Best Kosher Caterer in the United States

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